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Lubricate your locks every month

During adverse weather conditions or high usage, it may be necessary to increase the maintenance frequency. An indication that lubrication is required is when key operation, including insertion into the cylinder becomes stiffer or more difficult than usual.

How to lubricate L4V cylinders

  1. Shake L4V Lock Lubricant can vigorously for several seconds to ensure contents are mixed.

  2. Insert the nozzle of the L4V Lock Lubricant into the lock's keyway and apply sufficient lubricant to penetrate the cylinder mechanism (approximately a 1 second burst).

  3. Run the key in and out of the cylinder several times.

  4. Apply a second short application of L4V Lock Lubricant.

  5. Repeat running the key in and out of the cylinder mechanism.
  6. Test cylinder operation, and wipe any residue from external surfaces and key.
  7. If cylinder will still not operate, please contact your supplying dealer.


  • Use a PTFE based lubricant for general lubricating & flushing (L4V Version or GT85)
  • Use a white grease spray around the bolt of the Lockcase.
  • Always ensure that there is a spare key available, just in case the key breaks, is lost or locked inside the vehicle.
  • Replace the key(s) if it or they are excessively worn or bent.
  • Keep the supplied service card (if available) in a safe place.


  • Do not use any type of grease, graphite powder or 3 in 1 oil in the cylinder.
  • Do not use WD40 on the cylinder.
  • Do not use the Key to open the door instead of the door handle.
  • Do not close the door fitted with a deadlock with the bolt extended.
  • Do not put anything into the keyway other than the correct key.
  • Do not jet wash directly into the cylinder.
  • Do not use the key(s) for anything other than operating the locks.
  • Do not try to force the cylinder with any flat objects if the key is not working.
  • Do not try to force the key to turn with pliers or similar if it will not turn.
  • Do not try to drill the cylinder when there are no keys available without seeking advice first.
  • Do not leave the key in the lock(s) unattended.

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