Key Cutting


As standard L4V kits are supplied in single vehicle sets, all locks within a set are keyed alike, operating via the same key. Two keys are supplied as standard, with additional keys available.

S Series keys; manufactured from chrome plated brass, a traditional and hard wearing material for keys.

T Series keys; manufactured from nickel silver, the preferred material for high quality keys as it has a higher strength and better wear properties than brass. The T Series key bow (head) was designed specifically for its automotive application, providing extra grip and comfort in use.

All L4V keys have a unique keycode imprinted to the bow, this code, unlike some competitors products is not direct read i.e. a key cannot be copied from the key number, the actual cutting codes are kept solely by L4V under secure conditions. This eliminates a fundamental security problem.

Master Keying

Alternative combinations of product keying are available upon request including master-keying. This option provides a fleet manager access to every vehicle within the program using a single key, whilst retaining individual vehicle keys. If you are considering this option, please speak to our Customer Service team for advice and costs.