This is an important area for Locks 4 Vans. All our locks are supplied in kits which are not only van specific but door specific. They are designed with the installer in mind and supplied with detailed instructions and a range of labour saving tools.

Subject to the exceptions below L4V products are installed by the automotive aftermarket and Locksmiths. This confers considerable advantages:

  1. L4V locks are the first choice of the knowledgeable “trade”. A great confidence boost for all end users. Training and technical assistance is offered to all our dealers.
  2. Additionally, it means we have a national network of trained professional installers to provide local service and aftercare
  3. Installation times (and therefore cost) and Installation quality are greatly improved.

The only exceptions to this trade installation policy are:

We are occasionally asked to install or co-ordinate installations for fleet users. And we do development fits at our Gravesend manufacturing base.

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