Custom Design

Locks 4 Vans design team can develop custom solutions that fulfill your specific requirements*

Customisation plays a significant part in the continuing growth of the company. All kits are not only van model specific but door specific.This ensures that the lock is fitted in the best place security wise and for ease of operation. The installer saves time by not having to figure out where to fit the locks and this translates into quality fitting and lower installation charges.

It is a natural progression for our technical team to carry this through to specific customer requests. Our latest commission has been to design a slamlocking solution for a fleet of electric vehicles with far from standard openings and internal arrangements. Our experience (linked to our overworked CAD facility!) has produced a solution for a global courier company. Just one example of our capability.

Contact for more details of this and other bespoke locking solutions.

* Note: This service is subject to contract and minimum order quantity.